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Exclusive Health & Fitness Club in Mapperley

Exclusive Health & Fitness Club in Mapperley

Lose your unwanted fat FOREVER and gain the body you've always wanted. All for only ONE-THIRD of the cost of Personal Training sessions!

New Exclusive Health & Exercise Club In Mapperley

I love what I do - I've helped so many people get fit and healthy, and watched them grow in confidence as they achieve their fitness and weight loss goals. Because you're here, I know you're serious about making the changes you need to in order to get the healthy body you want. But if YOU want to keep the weight off forever, yes, FOREVER, and to make the changes in a simple and lasting way, you need a combination of both exercise AND nutrition, along with the mindset that supports it.

Working together on the ALIVE Programme, I'll advise you on the best nutrition and exercise plan to help YOU achieve your goal of increased fitness and permanent weight loss.

Let me help you discover what it's like to be naturally fit and healthy, without faddy dieting, counting points or calories or doing complicated, exhausting workouts.

The next 6-week course starts on ... TO BE ANNOUNCED SOON at the "Studio 3 Dance & Fitness centre" in Mapperley.

BOOK NOW to get your first session HALF PRICE (only if booked at least one week in advance of the next course starting date).


What makes ALIVE FITNESS different?

Alive Fitness Nottingham

When my husband, Matthew, was diagnosed with IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Crohn's in his case), we were both really shocked because he had seemed so healthy. It was only then that I realised how precious personal health is, and I started to research into nutrition, auto-immune illnesses and how to manage these conditions in a holistic way.

Like many other illnesses, including obesity, Matthew's condition was stress-related, which made me appreciate that you have to think about more than just diet and exercise to look after yourself.

Today Matthew is managing his Crohn's Disease much easier and has been able to stop his medications altogether. He is pain free, able to work full time with no problems and to participate in his favourite sports, without all the horrible side effects of low-dose chemotherapy and immunosuppresant drugs he used to  have to take.

And that's why, today, I have a burning desire to help you get fitter, healthier, and to overcome or manage any health issues you may have. I know, as a result, you'll become happier and more confident as we work together to achieve your fitness and weight loss goals.

Here is what Jacqui said after attending Alive Fitness course:

"Thanks Jurga, this totally lived up to my expectations, you are a very good mentor, sharing your vast experience and skills. You encouraged me to push myself further (even when I thought I had no more to give). This was exactly what I needed to re-start my healthy eating habits & re-setting my priority on ME which I have let slip for over 18 months
I would urge everyone to undertake your 6 week course - I only did 3 weeks & achieved alot
Thank- you"

And you're in safe hands: I have a GP Exercise Referral qualification, which allows me to assist with a wide range of common medical conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, depression, diabetes (Type 1 and 2), hypertension and obesity, and have a particular interest in the peri-menopause (because I'm there myself) and auto-immune illnesses, because of Matthew's condition.

So what do you get on the ALIVE FITNESS course?

  • 5 Simple Techniques to put you back in control again
  • Learn the secrets of the "Naturally Slender Eating Strategy" that will make healthy eating easy for you
  • SUPERCHARGE YOUR MOTIVATION and make healthy eating and exercising a FUN and enjoyable part of your life
  • Get the exclusive ALIVE FITNESS "Hormone Balancing Plan to Get a Flat Tummy" booklet, valued at £5, FREE on your first session
  • Get the benefit of BOTH exercise and nutritional advice in a small, friendly class for LESS THAN two-thirds the cost of Personal Training sessions!
  • All classes are limited to a maximum of just 10 people, meaning you get the effective, safe training you need unlike other group exercise classes, and I can help you with any specific issues you have

The full cost of the course is £96, but pay only £88 for 6 sessions (first session half price) if you BOOK NOW (at least one week in advance of the next course starting date). Plus, when you BOOK NOW you can download your copy of the ebooklet, "Hormone Balancing Plan to Get a Flat Tummy" ahead of the course.

Want to save even more money? Bring a friend and enjoy the special "FRIENDS TOGETHER" discount price of just £77 each!

The next course starts on ... TO BE ANNOUNCED SOON!

If you’re serious about making long-term changes and committing to some new habits that will DRASTICALLY improve your life then let me know the best way to contact you by filling in the form below.

I’ll be in touch to book your introductory session and to start your journey to a healthier, fitter, slimmer NEW YOU.

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